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Complete Says it All.

Complete Closing Services ensures nothing is missed in the transaction process by working closely with our clients and their representatives. Our clients receive immediate updates of any issues found which may delay the closing. Complete Closing Services provides you everything needed for closing, anytime and anywhere. We have signing agents stationed all around PA for your convenience, just waiting on our call for your closing.

Complete Closing Services is well-versed in all aspects of our service including working with straight-forward real estate sales, short sales, foreclosures, refinances, reverse mortgages, new construction builds, and various other aspects of today’s economy. When we say “We Treat Each Closing as if it Were Our Own”, we mean it.

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Our Services

Ordering and Clearing Title

Our team will order and review a title search on the property. Anything found on the title report will be addressed and cleared before closing.

Collect All Paperwork

We will collect all inspections, invoices, HOA, real estate taxes and utility amounts for the preparation of the final closing disclosure. Additionally, we work closely with the realtor(s), seller(s) and any other third-party to facilitate the transaction.

Work With Your Lender

By working closely with the Lender of your choosing, we will prepare the final closing disclosure. The Lender will provide the amounts required to be in Escrow before closing.

Recording the Deed

One of our agents will conduct the closing, disburse the funds in accordance with the closing disclosure, record the original deed and mortgage, and produce a title insurance policy. You should expect to receive the recorded original deed and the title policy within two (2) weeks after the closing.